Welcome to Okatoma Cabins!

Our cabins are our pride and joy. We take special care in preparing them for our guests. Upon arrival, if your cabin does not meet with your satisfaction, please notify us immediately so we may have an opportunity to remedy things. We are happy when our customers are happy. On the flip side, we ask that you please help us by taking care of the cabin while you are a guest here. When you leave and our next guests arrive, they will be equally as impressed with the cabin as you were. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please take time to read our terms & conditions:

CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT TIMES: Check in is at 4pm. Check out is at 11am. If you want to stay longer, you will be charged for an additional night.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The person registering the cabin is responsible for all his/her guests and/or the damages incurred resulting from your stay. We would greatly appreciate being notified of any damage that occurs (broken glassware or dishes, dish towels or pots and pans in need of replacement). Damages occurring during your stay will be billed to your credit card (things such as broken lamps, chandeliers, furniture, appliances, etc.). Day to day wear is not included. Please do not take items that belong in your cabin to other cabins (dishes, glasses, etc.). We inventory all cabins after departure. If items are missing, your credit card will be charged.


  • You are considered a guest while vacationing here. Please respect this privilege by observing our rules.
  • Quiet Rule: Please respect our QUIET RULE after 10:00 pm. There are guests in other cabins, the RV park and primitive campground. You required to respect the peace and tranquility of the outdoor night for the sake of fellow guests.
  • Alcohol: Please act responsibly with alcoholic beverages. If you are found intoxicated you will be removed from the property.
  • Smoking: There is no smoking permitted in the cabins (this is a State Law).
  • Horseplay: Horseplay is not permitted. If you vandalize it, break it, destroy it, or take it, you pay for it.
  • Muddy Shoes: Please do not track muddy shoes inside the cabins.
  • Food Disposal: Please do not put food stuff down the sink drains.


  • Children are never to be left alone unsupervised in the cabins, or on the property.
  • We will not be responsible for any injury resulting from irresponsible behavior on the part of your children, or yourselves.
  • Children are not allowed near the creek unsupervised.


CLEAN FEES: To avoid a $25.00 cleaning fee after you departure please do the following;

  • Wash all dishes, pots and pans, and return them to their cabinet.
  • Take out all your trash.
  • Empty the refrigerator and freezer, and clean up any major spills.
  • Leave keys on kitchen table, turn your porch light on, and leave front door unlocked


  • No fireworks allowed. It disturbs the wildlife.
  • Please take care to avoid the often elusive poisonous snakes and other dangerous wildlife in the area.

Please feel free to call us any time if you lose electrical power, or something is not operating correctly. Without your input, we have no means available to correct problems. We have journals in the cabins so you can jot down any minor problems you experienced. Our Office Phone number is 601.722.4301