Kayak rental on Okatoma Creek

Convenient Kayaking

Seminary Canoe Rental is the only outfitter on the Okatoma with facilities ON the creek. This means your vehicle and a hot shower awaits you at the end of your float. Why wait up to two hours on a sandbar to be bussed back to the parking area and rest rooms? You can also reserve your canoe/kayak online so you are assured a rental on busy days!

Two Float Packages

8 Mile Float (Rated #1)
This float begins at the Seminary Bridge and ends at the Seminary Canoe Rental Landing/Campground. It takes in three waterfalls and several rapids. The average paddling time is around three hours but you can take a leisurely trip at your own speed with lots of swimming and family fun along the way. This is the best “day” float the Okatoma has to offer.

16 Mile Float
There is also a 16 mile float available for large groups. This float starts at Kola and ends at the Seminary Canoe Rental Facility. It consists of four waterfalls and several rapids. The average paddling time is around seven hours. Call our office for a quote on a custom group package.


Rental Rates & Special Fees



Eight (8) Mile Trip - $30.00 per single seat kayaks

Eight (8) Mile Trip - $50.00 per double-seater kayaks

Rentals include: life jackets, paddles, cushions
and shuttle service.


For overnight camping. add $15.00 to daily rates per kayak


*** Available Monday through Friday ONLY ***
Rent six (6) or more canoes/kayaks and receive $5.00 discount per canoe/kayak

Online Reservations



For privately-owned kayaks
$20.00 per kayak
(Price includes take out fee and shuttle)


For privately-owned kayaks
$5.00 fee per kayak
(Price does not include shuttle)


There is a $45.00 Fee for all rentals not returned by 6 p.m.

Okatoma Creek Kayak Rental