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Okatoma Creek Adventure Outfitter
The best canoeing and kayaking on the Okatoma with no waiting to be picked up at the end of the float "rated #1 in the State" (10th in the nation)! Your Okatoma Adventure begins when we bus you up to the Seminary Bridge in air-conditioned buses. From there you can take a leisurely trip at your own speed with lots of swimming and family fun along the way. You will enjoy the natural scenery, the many beautiful sandbars, and take in all of the waterfalls along the way. Your trip ends back at our facility on the banks of the Okatoma where a hot shower and your vehicle awaits you. There is no waiting on a sandbar with tired and hungry kids for a bus to take you back to your vehicle. We are the only outfitter on the Okatoma where the float ends back at your vehicle...your adventure is on YOUR schedule, not ours!
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Okatoma Creek Kayak Rental
Okatoma Creek Adventure Outfitter


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